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Website K-Geist 100, Sept. 2013:

Speaker video "K-Geist 100 Vision": Richard Peters

Speaker video "Instructions For Use": Johannes Schmidt

Article "Investments" on the page K-Geist 100 PR: Dr. Ivo Kranzfelder

English translation: Melanie Girdlestone


Brochure "Raw Material Artistic Spirit",

installed with the K-Geist 100 Economy Pack, see K-Geist 100 NEWS:

Article "Artistic Spirit As A Raw Material": Dr. Cornelia Oßwald-Hoffmann

Article "What Happens, When Something  Takes Effect": Dr. Elisabeth Salch-Klauser

Editorial Office:  Dr. Cornelia Oßwald-Hoffmann

English Translation: Melanie Girdlestone


Development of K-Geist 100 Version 1.0

Consulting Annegret Bleisteiner, Dr. Cornelia Oßwald-Hoffmann, Dr. Elisabeth Salch-Klauser

Further thanks go to John Stephan Beer, Werner Josten, Alexander Stan.


Development of K-Geist 100 Version 2.0

Consulting Albert Schweiger from Digital Picture


K-Geist 100 Supper, K-Geist 100 News

Foto of the kitchen in Villa Biesenthal used for the photomontage: Frank Wagner

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