K-Geist 100

Instructions For Use

K-Geist 100 Instructions For Use, video 1:31 min, (c) 2013 Birthe Blauth, Jutta Burkhardt

Translation of the video text

Off: K-Geist 100: How to take K-Geist 100.

Image 1: Remove the seal on the lid of the bottle.

Image 2: Press the white pointed end of the transfusion hose firmly into the opening of the bottle.

Image 3: Position the K-Geist 100 bottle above your head.

Image 4: Clip the disposable electrode onto the orange electrode holder.

Image 5: Sit or lie in a comfortable position.

Image 6: Remove the sticky label from the electrode and press the electrode gently onto your forehead.

Image 7: Turn the small white wheel on the orange regulator upwards to start the flow.

Image 8: Wait for five to fifteen minutes for the artistic spirit to enter your system.

Image 9: Turn the small white wheel on the regulator downwards to close the flow.

Image 10: Pull the disposable electrode off your forehead and dispose of it.

Image 11: Remove the transfusion pipe from the bottle and close the bottle carefully.

If you have any questions please don`t hesitate to send an email to info@K-Geist100.com.