Villa Biesenthal, Berlin

Sept 14, 2013, 11 am opening receiption with BBQ

Opened every Sat and Sun from 11 am until 7 pm until Oct 7, 2013

Please check further details on the invitation card below.

K-Geist 100 Economy Pack, Multiple, installation in Villa Biesenthal, Berlin, (c) 2013 Birthe Blauth, Jutta Burkhardt

On the kitchen island in Villa Biesenthal stand two K-Geist 100 Economy Packs, each one containing ten bottles of 100% artistic spirit concentrate. The owners of the house appear to have been shopping at the hypermarket and have left their purchases on the worktop for a brief moment before putting them away. Next to the packs lies a slightly crumpled leaflet entitled Raw Artistic Spirit, which somebody has apparently been browsing through.


Since starting work on their K-Geist 100 project in 2012, Birthe Blauth and Jutta Burkhardt have been pursuing the question of the essence, value and tangibility of artistry. In the first year of their project they developed the K-Geist 100 Transfusion Station 1.0 for administering artistic spirit to individual users. Version 2.0 uses a 7m-high ceiling-mounted multiple transfusion station to deliver the substance to as many as 12 people at a time. Version 3.0 is currently in planning. Also available for purchase is the K-Geist Transfusion Case, which came onto the market in 2012 and is designed for mobile use. Due for launch very soon, the K-Geist Online Set will allow users to download all the artistic spirit they need from the K-Geist 100 Cloud via a transfusion tube and a USB connector. Meanwhile, the K-Geist 100 Studio installation, created in June 2013, is specially designed for open studio days. Its black display niche fits into studio doorways to frame a strikingly displayed bottle of K-Geist 100. Neither artist nor studio is seen at any point. Instructions for use can be accessed via a QR code.


To ensure swift access to ample supplies of K-Geist 100 for people across Berlin, the two Munich artists’ latest work is the K-Geist 100 Economy Pack.


(c) Birthe Blauth, Jutta Burkhardt