K-Geist 100 Transfusion Case, Multiple, (c) 2012 Birthe Blauth, Jutta Burkhardt

So you can administer artistic spirit whilst on the move, we’ve developed a handy K-Geist 100 transfusion case.


A single K-Geist 100 case contains:

- 1 transfusion bottle of K-Geist 100 (100% artistic spirit, 500 cm3 of concentrate)

- 1 transfusion drip with regulator and electrode holder, G= gravity

- 50 disposable ECG electrodes

- 50 red adhesive seals

- 2 DVDs with two information videos, each in German and English

- 2 brochures (German and English) describing the product with directions for use

(c) Birthe Blauth, Jutta Burkhardt